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Miss Grayson, Miss Heart of the Parks & Miss Carter County Scholarship Pageant

Miss Heart of Kentucky

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In order to give as many contestants as possible the opportunity to compete at the Miss Kentucky Pageant in July the Miss Kentucky Organization is in the process of organizing a final pageant that will be held on Sunday, April 11, at East Carter High School in Grayson, Kentucky.  The Miss Heart of Kentucky /Miss Northeast Kentucky / Miss Thoroughbred Pageant will be the final pageant of the year.  It is the goal of the Miss Kentucky Organization to award at least three open titles at this pageant but in order to do so there will have to be a sufficient number of contestants. 

By holding this pageant in Grayson we encourage contestants to make the most of the opportunity to compete in the Miss Grayson / Heart of the Parks / Carter County pageant the night before.  This will afford contestants a chance at winning one of at least six titles which will be awarded on these two days.  Those who enter the Grayson pageant and wish to enter the Miss Heart of Kentucky pageant will be able to use the same application forms for both pageants, however CMN donations will need to be paid for each pageant (unless contestants have already met the $400 maximum requirement for local level donations).   

There will be a new panel of judges for the Sunday pageant and they will not have been allowed to attend the Saturday night pageant so will have no prior knowledge of a contestant’s performance the night before.   Every effort is being made to secure judges who have not judged any local pageants this season and who are not affiliated with any particular local pageant organization.  This program is being coordinated by the Miss Kentucky Board of Directors with assistance from the state pageant committee, regional field directors and the Miss Grayson Pageant committee.  A new local director will be assigned to work with the contestants winning titles on Sunday.  There will be no Little Miss/Pre-Teen or Teen divisions. 

Any contestants who are only able to compete in the pageant on Sunday will need to make the pageant coordinators aware of that when paperwork is submitted.   Application materials for both the Miss Grayson and the Miss Heart of Kentucky pageant are available on this website by clicking on the application information link on the navigation bar.

Please contact the pageant coordinator with any questions you may have regarding the Miss Heart of Kentucky / Miss Northern Kentucky / Miss Thoroughbred pageant:
Justin Rains
Phone: (859) 420-6193